What big websites use Cloudflare?

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What big websites use Cloudflare?

Top websites using CloudFlareDomain name1nginx.com54 email addresses2cloudflare.com239 email addresses3cdnjs.com-4namecheap.com34 email addresses46 more rows

Who are Cloudflare’s biggest customers?

Some of Cloudflare’s biggest users include websites such as:Medium.Discord.Fiverr.Udemy.Canva.

Who are the biggest CDN?

The top CDN providers by customer count are Cloudflare Amazon Web Services (AWS) Akamai NetD Fastly Imperva Verizon and Microsoft Azure. On the surface Cloudflare appears to be the biggest CDN by its customer count. Cloudflare provides CDN services to over 1 million customers.08-Jul-2020

How does Akamai make money?

Notifications. 2019E Revenue Breakdown: Media and Carrier Division = 45% Web Division = 55%

Why is Akamai the best CDN?

Akamai allows you to extend the reach of the data center infrastructure because of its scale balancing traffic between multiple data centers to ensure 100% content and application availability thereby proving you with the unparalleled visibility and security of your online properties hosted in the cloud.01-Oct-2019

Is Akamai Kona a WAF?

Akamai’s WAF Kona Site Defender is one in a suite of security products that also includes DDoS protection bot management and an API gateway available to Akamai’s CDN customers.26-Feb-2020

What is Akamai Gateway?

The Akamai API Gateway governs your API traffic by authenticating authorizing and controlling requests from API consumers. It leverages Akamai’s cloud delivery platform that delivers over 445 billion API hits a day and maximizes your scalability and reliability.

What is Akamai in AWS?

Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services making the Internet fast reliable and secure for its customers. 2 AWS Service Validations.

Is Akamai a Fortune 500?

Akamai Technologies | 2022 Fortune 500 | Fortune.

What is AWS Cloudflare?

Cloudflare with AWS Host your websites and run applications on AWS while keeping them secure fast and reliable. Use Cloudflare as a unified control plane for consistent security policies faster performance and load balancing for your AWS S3 or EC2 deployment.