Is incapsula a CDN?

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Is incapsula a CDN?

Incapsula Inc. provides a variety of CDN services from the network itself to security load balancing failover solutions and DDoS protection. The company spun out from data security company Imperva in 2009.

Why do you need a CDN?

A CDN helps e-commerce sites deliver content quickly and efficiently even during times of heavy traffic like Black Friday and the holidays. Government. Large content-heavy websites can deliver vital information to citizens much more quickly and efficiently by using a CDN.02-Mar-2015

How can I get a free CDN?

Best Free CDN Services for WordpressCloudflare CDN.Jetpack Site Accelerator.SmartVideo.W3 Total Cache.LiteSpeed Cache.Shift8 CDN.Optimole.CommonWP.More items•10-Jan-2022

How do I check the speed of my website?

Best Website Speed Test Tools (and Website Speed Test for Mobile)Google PageSpeed Insights. It makes sense that if you’re trying to boost website speed and by extension SEO you’d turn to a search engine for help. Pingdom. GTMetrix. WebPageTest. Sematext. Uptrends. DareBoost. New Relic.More items•27-Jun-2022