Does Cloudflare sell data?

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Does Cloudflare sell data?

To earn and maintain that trust we commit to communicating transparently providing security and protecting the privacy of data on our systems. We keep your personal information personal and private. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.

Is Cloudflare CDN good?

Cloudflare is beneficial for larger sites because its security features and caching can save us a lot of money and time. The performance and security benefits will astound us; because of our own powerful servers the performance is skyrocketing. Cloudflare CDN is the basic need of every organization.

Can I use CDN for free?

Cloudflare CDN Cloudflare is a free CDN service that you can easily use for your WordPress site. When you use its automatic platform optimization (APO) feature your website will be delivered to end users through its global server network speeding up load times for visitors.10-Jan-2022

Is Cloudflare always free?

CloudFlare doesn’t charge you for using its CDN while other CDN’s pricing plans are based on how much bandwidth your website uses. CloudFlare offers four plan types; free pro business and enterprise. For more information and latest and most up to date prices visit CloudFlare’s website.7 days ago

Who uses CloudFlare CDN?

Who uses CloudFlare? 49848 companies reportedly use CloudFlare in their tech stacks including Udemy Lyft and

Is CloudFlare cache free?

Free Options Secure and accelerate personal websites with built-in DNS CDN and DDoS protection. Secure access to Internet self-hosted and SaaS applications for up to 50 users for free.

Does Cloudflare make money?

Cloudflare has also demonstrated its ability to be profitable. The company reported break-even adjusted earnings per share which beat estimates by $0.04. The gross profit margin improved to 78.2% compared to 76.3% in the 3Q 2020. Adjusted gross margin improved to 79.2% compared to 77.3% in the 3Q 2020.23-Dec-2021