Do all CDN provide WAF?

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Do all CDN provide WAF?

Even without a WAF CDNs protect your website against DDoS attacks which overload your original server with fake traffic to slow down or even crash your website.

Is WAF regional or global?

You can use an AWS WAF web ACL to protect global or regional resource types. You do this by associating the web ACL with the resources that you want to protect. You can associate an AWS WAF web ACL with a CloudFront distribution using the AWS WAF console or APIs.

Can we rename a S3 bucket?

An Amazon S3 bucket is owned by the AWS account that created it. Bucket ownership is not transferable to another account. When you create a bucket you choose its name and the AWS Region to create it in. After you create a bucket you can’t change its name or Region.

What are S3 endpoints?

An S3 VPC endpoint provides a way for an S3 request to be routed through to the Amazon S3 service without having to connect a subnet to an internet gateway. The S3 VPC endpoint is what’s known as a gateway endpoint.10-Apr-2020

What is the URL for my S3 bucket?

An S3 bucket can be accessed through its URL. The URL format of a bucket is either of two options:[bucket_name]/ http://[bucket_name]

Is CloudFront a load balancer?

For a web application or other content that’s served by an Application Load Balancer in Elastic Load Balancing CloudFront can cache objects and serve them directly to users (viewers) reducing the load on your Application Load Balancer.

What is CloudWatch in AWS?

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and management service that provides data and actionable insights for AWS hybrid and on-premises applications and infrastructure resources.

What is CloudTrail in AWS?

PDFRSS. AWS CloudTrail is an AWS service that helps you enable operational and risk auditing governance and compliance of your AWS account. Actions taken by a user role or an AWS service are recorded as events in CloudTrail.

What does CDN stand for on Amazon?

Get Started with Amazon CloudFront. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a critical component of nearly any modern web application. It used to be that CDN merely improved the delivery of content by replicating commonly requested files (static content) across a globally distributed set of caching servers.

Is YouTube a CDN?

Basically a CDN is nothing more than a bunch of globally distributed computers that are directly connected and move data from one end to another. A good example of this is YouTube.