Can I host my website with Cloudflare?

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Can I host my website with Cloudflare?

Cloudflare now allows static sites using it Workers platform. Cloudflare joins Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) with the ability to host static websites on a content delivery network ( CDN ) skipping the need for a traditional web hosting provider.08-Oct-2019

How do I host a website with Cloudflare for free?

How do I host Cloudflare for free?

How do I upload content to Cloudflare?

Ways to upload Upload videos from the Stream Dashboard without writing any code. Upload videos from a URL such as an S3 bucket or content management system. Allow end users of your website or app to upload videos directly to Cloudflare Stream. Upload videos when the video file is stored on a computer.01-Aug-2022

Does Cloudflare support WebP?

WebP does not yet have the same level of browser support as JPEG PNG and GIF but we are excited about its potential to streamline web pages. Polish WebP conversion allows our customers to adopt WebP with a simple change to the settings in the Cloudflare dashboard.21-Dec-2016