BunnyCDN Review – A Great And Cheap CDN For Your Website

BunnyCDN: Flexible and Scalable Pricing for Powerful CDN – Content Delivery Network Services

BunnyCDN is a cloud-technology solutions provider that offers cloud-based Content Delivery Network (CDN). They offer cost-effective, scalable, and affordable solutions that are perfect for businesses of all sizes.

BunnyCDN is headquartered in Medvode, Ljubljana Slovenia. The company started operating in 2015, and since then, have grown to a company that delivers excellent and reliable services and products. With more than four years of providing technology services under their belt, BunnyCDN is a leading company in delivering cloud solutions like Content Delivery Network.

BunnyCDN Services primarily focuses on Content Delivery Network (CDN) using tier 1 Global Network that is powered by 18Tbit+ global network infrastructure with over 10 tier 1 network partners. BunnyCDN operates less than 30ms Global Latency through SSD Powered Servers, ensuring a high degree of reliability and precision.

BunnyCDN Services

BunnyCDN offers Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that helps businesses distribute website content globally through webservers that increase the content loading speeds of the website. CDN networks help accelerate page loading times by decreasing latency between the customers and the website through multiple servers that are distributed around the globe. Implementing CDN to websites also help improve web security and help mitigate DDoS attacks.

BunnyCDN Pricing

BunnyCDN offers fantastic pricing packages that are fit for every business sizes. Businesses can choose between two pricing packages depending on their needs and business requirements. Small and medium enterprises can opt the standard package and businesses who are rapidly expanding like global enterprises can choose the Volume package.

Standard Pricing Package

The Standard Pricing Package is perfect for businesses who only have a select regional presence in Europe & North America, Asia & Oceania, South America, and South Africa. This package is excellent for businesses who are only focusing on a specific region because each region has its pricing per Gigabyte (Gb). The standard package has a 36 point presence and has a region-based pricing model.

For businesses in Europe and North America, the rate per Gigabyte (Gb) is at USD 0.01/Gb. Asia and Oceania regions have a rate of USD 0.03/Gb, South America has a rate of USD 0.045/ Gb, and South Africa has a pricing rate of USD 0.06/ Gb. The pricing model allows customers to pay for only the region that they are targeting. For example, North America, their website uses 300 GB, and the bill will be at USD 3 per month and for a website with the same traffic in Asia will have a bill of USD 9 per month.

Their pricing models and extraordinarily scalable and flexible that is perfect for small and medium businesses on a budget.

Volume Pricing Package

The volume pricing is fit for businesses who are doing business in multiple regions, require high-speed loading times with minimal latency, and have high volume traffic on their website. The pricing model is based on volume tiers starting from USD 0.005/ Gb for the first 500TB, USD 0.004 for volumes from 500Tb to 1Pb, USD 0.003/GB for 1Pb-2Pb and USD 0.0025/ Gb for businesses needing more than 2Pb.

BunnyCDN offers a strong and powerful feature set for its services with flexible and scalable pricing models that is fit for small, medium, and large business enterprises. BunnyCDN also offers a USD 1 monthly minimum for each website.

The company has several features to ensure the customers will always get what they pay for through Zone control, where businesses can select which regions to pay for based on business needs and demand. BunnyCDN only charges its customers with actual volume served and not on by request so customers will only pay for what will actually be used.

BunnyCDN accepts multiple payment options so that its services are easily accessible. The company also offers overcharge protection through bandwidth limit options so that businesses with limited budgets can cope with an unexpected surge in unwanted traffic. BunnyCDN offers all pricing tiers with the full feature set.

BunnyCDN РTier 1 Global Network Performance

BunnyCDN is a reliable, powerful and lightning fast CDN designed to offer incredible performance at the worlds most cost-effective pricing. It is only $1 per month minimum.

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Advantages of Using BunnyCDN

BunnyCDN’s Content Delivery Network allows businesses to improve their online presence by increasing the quality of their website in several aspects like performance, SEO, and security.

BunnyCDN can accelerate the website’s performance by reducing latency through multiple servers strategically located globally. By caching web content in multiple servers around the globe, the website speed is increased, improving user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Website speed is one of the major factors that search engines, like Google, consider when ranking websites in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These factors are also one of the critical areas of SEO, and by optimizing both, businesses can immediately see the SERP ranking of their website improve.

Multiple studies have shown that a website that has good performance in terms of speed results in better conversions and by using Content Delivery Networks (CDN) business can optimize their speed to deliver better conversion and better business relationships with customers resulting in better profits.

BunnyCDN is also compliant with the latest industry best practices in terms of security and encryption, ensuring better protection of websites through SSL, token authentication, network control, hotlinking protection, and the latest security solutions.

BunnyCDN, jumpstart your website.

BunnyCDN offers robust and reliable services at affordable and scalable pricing that helps businesses grow and maintain their online presence. Through multiple servers strategically located around the globe, customers can decrease the latency of their website and increases website speed to improve website performance.

BunnyCDN’s flexible and straightforward Pay-as-you-go pricing packages that have no monthly minimums are incredibly advantageous for small companies, especially those with a limited budget. With BunnyCDN running in a company’s website, businesses are assured that their website will continue to run even with unexpected traffic surges ensuring that customers will always be able to access their website securely and safely.